Training Plans

To achieve any fitness goal, you need to start with a plan. Sam Warriner and the Sweat 7 team are here to work with you, to develop a training plan to take you from where you are now to achieving your own personal goals.

Whether you’re training for a Sprint distance triathlon, Olympic, or Ironman - We have a wide range of options to get you to the start line in the best shape possible.

Your training plan will be designed to suit your busy lifestyle, with the option of downloading on to a mobile device, such as a smartphone, or use a personal GPS-enabled device, such as an iPhone, to monitor your ongoing progress, comparing your training plan with your actual activity. We use Training Peaks software for this – and the cost of this is included in the price of your monthly fee.

All the plans we set are realistic, and don't expect you to be a world-class athlete; that'll come in time!

Not only is Sam an expert at coaching the body – but she will also coach your mind! With as much communication as is necessary Sam will work on areas such as mental toughness, nutrition, time management, race strategies and more.

You will have all the benefits of a World Champion at the end of the phone, keyboard, or Skype.